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Here's the view very slightly down here here. A lot of people think of it is flat, but it's far from us.

We go on board with reigning champion and this year's championship leader of Ryan Smith in third place. Oliver, so Oliver, for Places, erfolgreich, vom Ricky College, Heaving äh Dostay with Ry Coman.

Just caring thr In the yellow ninety-five up ahead at the moment still developing that track and they come down through Hollywood to the occurs.

Now, this is a tricky bit of track for anybody bike racing. I've gotta say the French he's out front showing some good skill as I mentioned, he is an ex running a free racer and the racing out very well.

Addition to the this weekend in all serious, he's not gonna Terry Gibson goes through on the inside line now of Blue Taylor to make up a position, but Taylor's got momentum of having he's gonna come as well looks down the inside line of.

Can he go through on the breaks he was uh having a look runs a little bit wider. I think he's probably gonna lose the place in to he's trying to make an opportunity there and what this shows is that we've got super racing all the way down the field.

A look down the inside now inside line of Ricky coming down into the and it's that goes through the bass up the position and really that move goes back to trying to get pass the driver in front of him about a quarter of a lap to go.

Ray Coleman read that very well indeed, that is strategy strategy head on and makes up a position.

Ryan Smith still up here. Shane Shane third in the Championship one template three points in front of J Jenkins. Jenkins here he's gonna put a few points on Shane Barton by the looks of it if they stay the way they are at the moment.

We're on board with Brian Smith and white yellow with David Jenkins having a good race here. Jenkins always a consistent Peddler Jenkins and this year is all gonna be about consistency as well as the speed that Dave Jenkins brings the track as well.

So you see the remains of the old bridge there, which was left of shop, but it's the French stood up front.

David Jenkins former champion in Sixty-nine Chase. Smith this one looking settled is at the moment is a good race rhythm from the leaders Jenkins, though he's trying to hunt down who qualified uh just four hundreds of a second head of Shane Bart.

It was a huge amount in qualifying here today as we go on board with the man in black the back thes machine of in second place there, he is that immaculate track fastest lap of the race so far with Ryan Smith, though he's in third.

Colifin in den Subscore Race ot the Previs Rights Resoul, reverse colic, sipery, side, with Biko, Oliver, Backendom the Carsten, Stars the Camera und Marco Jackson Holler, Ricky edges across and again you saw how the back just try and break away.

That's how these trucks are so comment now up ahead of Michael Oliver that is for Ted's place for you after the break. Welcome back to the opening race of the convoy in the park of the French and the and the big pressure there from here's the view of that.

Ryan Smith who's working hard look at working a little bit wide and goes through the championship leader rose back on the offensive straight away coming down into the get the position back Bar started P two on the grid on the front row at a very exciting.

Side first first few corners Dave Jenkins Jenkins got the better of that and it's still with the fastest ladders they go on to the last lap is he gonna hang on to that.

From DJ, Jane Burton, am Briancema Longstark, mit Drop, dein Justin Little, ist der Optischwort, gleich ist er begann. White Line Nervens, nicht gelb, hinter Menschen, Thermia Stride.

Ihr könnt die online Makes the Gable big and Inaction yes in Champions is really, having the good racing Now, kids will also know that realistically won't be a threat championship was but what the extra point nonetheless for getting in front, Smith looking as well.

David Jenkins in second Shane Barton in third. Brian Smith just for that face Summerfield Ollie James in seventh and Ricky completing the points finishes.

Anthony Congratulations on your win. Was it your first race at Darlington? Thank you uh thank you uh yes, uh no uh it's not my first race uh before uh the five fab is a very fast and race.

Yeah, no Brille, stolz the Weekend forst. And eh over see besincrew so, ich bin event, for we cans, year know great we can heal jumper as support reserve and eh lot the racis be am forty and rock the builder let ab in Race say and ehm and spon of find the rain, Driving Race three um for a podium again, but all in all a good solid weekend for us now this weekend looks like it's getting off to a roaring start in terms of the amount of people in the amount of trade supporters and sponsors you know personally for myself who without Dia, I couldn't go racing but this weekend it makes it so special with them being here in the presence that they've got at this event.

Shane podium for race one not a bad start to the uh the convoy in the park. Yeah, very good start um we had a little moment on um first lap.

On the second corner, um just got knocked off a little bit of racing incident and then managed to come back through very good.

We have zwanzig zwanzig. Äh we provides very parts comparins for the Trucks ähm the you need feo truck, you can get the dagraf. Ja, Style Jankins ist Brown.

Ist äh the fun the welcome in the pat is talking zu dem äh. Aber this t and thoring top, I gestellt over amulch, cousines why year ye had the exident.

So chellation have this a feel lotch come back. Äh is Been 2 years, it's been a long time to recover, but I just can't wait to go.

I read on social media. You said the best thing to do is try and keep out of the way you hubby. German Eason, Thomas Kampski, Dance Benad, Germansy, Predspiel, Hochschule James, Icon Head, Long Side, Andy, love it break so, a good it cleck sic feeld a very can patsive class.

I's you life see not live in the season, at a way we go and it's the two say say is on the frot by Mickey Backerton im Brike, Championship Lead the for finde is tody smazic Into second place, then in third position, it's the red and white truck of Simon The Beast and he's gonna be this is gonna be interesting watching Smith and Cole pretty much together.

Steve yellow in the H TV direct from second in the championship standings and Simon Co incidentally, is third so we check the top four is fifth in the standings and here they come.

That's your facts. Tony Smith locks up goes in the gravel rejoin safe recovery for Tony Smith. How much momentum has he lost a bet he's back down the road going out of shot now he's the leader.

Simon Cole now up into second base is gonna challenge for a podium and try to get through it. Joe Baula, in der White, Volver White, Truck the Bonalcy Truck and of geilste Run the little the white this is die operity the charty spitze, ich for oben Division Til Chaption, realy fit on Tiny Smatic, and Rice, Smith Remable Walks, Joint Kystern und so Ich soll die Tür von dabei neun.

Hast du lediglich The flying fin so good and the championship, the British Championship just appeals to your fears.

You might remember last time out there is twenty of Wayne let's hobby that Joanne was talking about at the moment having a dice with Trevor Martin I've been into third place now goes Steve Powell Great move by Powell down the inside live passes Tony Smith, Tony went straight on.

Iran so remember a quick recap on the format of these races fastest off the front for race number one we take the race result and reverse it for race two if you're not finished the previous race start the back of the grid effectively the last finisher from the proceeding race starts on position uh that carries through the meeting ten points for a race win, nine for second and dropping by space for the top ten you get now if you're outside the top ten, there is having a very good return had a difficult accident here.

Couple of seasons ago in the teaming rain um as you heard in the interview and Joanne totally unfazed uh by the accident and coming back and putting pressure here on John, who we know is no slap so running very well.

And of course he's the defending champion immediately ahead. Challenge in John Bowler ist weil From Joanne Eon and this is for fourth place here at the moment, but he's got a wide coming into this.

This is the point where the accident occurred with Joe. He shows no fear at all. It makes us super fast to go up into face. Joe a fourth do is relegated to fifth.

We're back with the race leader though be the about to pass, Trevor Martin and Joanne putting the way now got through John as.

Also in fourth place, there is Steve Fowler at the moment completes our podium positions behind Simon Cole. So down across the line goes the sixteenth machine of Brad Smith, Jim Bennett in Twenty-eight immediately behind, but it's still out front here.

Welcome back. I John Bowler, Dising Ive Fit Place Bowler. Was sie bront bin, Rethorsten, Hennadame, Janeason, Hison, Hawaii XY, North Light, Jared ist äh Trump Journal, Dary Simon Colin the Base Day, Messi Days, Running and Secret Place, Nick and Macron in Sirmin Colver in Secon That co here is gonna score.

I think three points more than that he won't take second in the championship, but he will edge a little bit closer as a result of this finish.

Unsurprisingly with Mika as we see Garrett Tony Smith disputing seventh base to having drop back. I'm sure you'd immaculate machines.

Try all headed by this fan The F in the seventy-one and comes into the for the last time. Trevor Martin immediately behind him, but will see the checked flag.

Jim Bennett his next target in the green 28 and uh a little bit of a buzz of the pit and takes the win his seventh win of the season.

Trevor Martin crosses the line He is 32nd place goes to Simon and it's Steve. Angel Stolz im Ko am Easy the Howdown Ithavinger, Brunt, Troid, Challenge, Jerry.

So here's the result and he had a bit of Garrett head of Tony Smith, Brad Smith died and did Bennett all of those picking up valuable championship points.

Eleventh goes to Andrew from Wayne and Trevor Martin fastest lap to the fly. So, mit äh Germany. Äh sorry, was angeboten. Ich ich glaube, ich habe gegangen.

Every May, Every Rice. And we Weekend's event really as you know the somewhat an absolutely massive weekend here in the park as expected, brought a huge show truck entry and it virtually took over the entire infield here at Park, meaning that there was plenty for everybody to see show judging therefore was harder than ever.

I will say a massive thank you to everyone who took part and warmest Congratulations to CS and sons who won the best in show. Matthew first of all big thank you for your support for the British truck Racing Championship here here.

What is this event mean to you? I mean for us, it's an opportunity to support the industry. We focus very much on the whole and the heavy in terms of insurance, so this does allow us to bring coins or some points.

Yep, we have of. Up and down the UK um some that focus on various niche areas. Michael Oliver second Summerfield, Stuart Oliver Wide Brian Smith looks at the inside a little bit of a wobble from Jade off into the dirt.

Terry Terry did as well The Champion äh Champions Radio Champion and Ex-Champion Day, Marco Oliver Still in Secret, with why comen air front to the life and see only chanes.

He's proving difficult fastest Fred's truck block. I don't think so because going down the inside line now is the number seven of Oliver and trying to do what he couldn't do.

It's an off goes off goes. Terry Gibb Terry in the Thirty-seven, keeps it going He's got momentum. What I was saying was that Dave Jenkins, of course the second race behind he's got pass the now Oliver runs wide very slippers.

You can see Jenkins through. Michael Oliver, leaving he's looking not only for a first win, but also a made in truck racing podium and this our second-generation driver makes a little mistake runs right now is gonna pop the machine at the inside line, defending Chap and he through goes through Michael Oliver for sure is gonna fight back but his thoughts may be will turn to a first podium rather than the win.

He's got that field behind him he savage between a loaded. That was those two in Summerfield battle for second base in the standings is Rose. Smith is going to take the win but the big story here is on for first podium or is he gets out goes across the gravel is gonna grab his first truck racing podium history in the making.

Mike Oliver, Shangbrashi, Natur, olle Print David Champions, drei Comment Sevens, Salvin Rick, Harry Give, in Night bei Sleak Single Finishes Ryan Congratulations.

That's the first the weekend. Well, that's the first one. We've set up with the truck, but you know these conditions probably this is probably what we needed to even out a little bit and you know as you can see from twice from the red flag and the second start we did it Both times got to the front and luckily we come away with the win.

Congratulations that first podium is coming. Did you know it's coming uh well I did now. I very way stark, check it vision till race ater start by Telty Switch.

John Bowles Prive and Posting Adam Trunnical ins Bay thay Eason ist nächster ohne Tennis mit. John Bauler, three the gravel, really joing, super.

Joe Bowler, Nick abonnent in der High this what making apoil coming three the filmen the drei Uhr that the chottley trade for race what's actually by finish for that a bit gegen Baby Gets it out good recovery for a big that's the sort of recovery you need to do to win championships he'll be hoping to score some points here.

We've got fourteen starters so four drivers score points this the battle for second place. Tony Smith just heading out of shot, is the race leader Garrett gets a little bit of opposite there and throw into second place.

Second Garrett down to third then. Fourth place reverse good race is really a podium from the back in these conditions remarkable result, but heading towards the checked flag is Tony Smith.

He's gonna grab another win in the watch for the checked flag. Tony Smith takes it's about 2 seconds ahead of Steve Fallon second place.

Kopfballschnipper, Resau, Arbeit, Türkei, Säuber, Seven. Ein Jahr Andre Very Longdiary Doningsabburg and Grigelation Sonne Wind. Yeah, much to really year, just nady zigare in fron and pushys out the sorg it but ehm track to is conditions but really and jo what a was good.

Stave berection like tion sofort coming trail, really in Tilling very runner atson. Yeah, so rise belash with a pice and the conditions It wasn't so bad uh actually done a really good and the so I'm really happy with him.

We had to pay one by one he just don't wanna get involved too much in the wet so you just don't take too many chances and uh that really happy with it really happy with it.

Welcome back to check out the taste that is absolutely bent and part of the fun here at Park Terry Gibbons starts on Paul Simon alongside Ray Coleman and David Jenkins, Stuart Oliver and Shane Oliver on with Ryan Smith at Summerfield Road, Five, then Ollie James and Taylor Ricky completes the grid, which on a track gets underway.

Two track of Ray Coleman down into red gate and off the track again. Matt Summerfield having a man the truck. The back end comes around.

He checks it up. He's gonna try and rejoin. We're on board with Dave Jenkins Jenkins up into second place there goes through on the inside line of Terry Gibb down to third Stuart Oliver Oliver fifth, and it's Ryan Smith, Ollie James and the at the moment side by side with Ray Coleman, who's racing coming down into the old hip.

Elliot The inside got live, but Coleman doesn't wanna see it now Ricky getting in on the action as well in the TV direct machine the back of the field.

Here's the view from Oliver. You could see a little bit of moisture being kicked up on the windscreen, but it's the eighty-nine machine front row starter Simon Reed who leads this Davids in the black by over here super for him and he's passed by Ryan Smith.

The Taylors slots up the inside line. Terry Gabin Stu Running Day in Fird Position and the fresher, from Stue, Oliver neuen Kampf, Amsely Yanny, Max the Post und Radio Global, seine Freundin, beshakt das very back, ordned I's winds and Ain't Working its way through the field look at the superb site as the trucks come down along cross into red gate pass the exit from the pit lane.

Colvin, then Ricky the recovering summerfield Summerfield knows that the championship all about bagging in races like this is Ray runs a little bit wide.

You can see how muddy it is on the exit of red gate. Get it wrong little bit too far, and that could wipe out a load of points for any driver call now chasing Coleman again.

Summerfield he blew the the uh quite at the back trying to put those two races down. Coleman runs a little bit wide here looking at the inside of that converts to the outside as they go into McLean.

Simon reached out front Jenkins in second Terry Gibb in the third place at the moment uh because olive has got his still here of Ryan Smith, You got a great view of the climb into this corner there.

Alle da, Stillherren, Camson Truexibishi, Cross, Covers, die in seinen Leuten ist beschehen, Geist leer, seit Leuten nervt.

Oliver, the and olver, theorety chayssy the thirty seven the turd price to olever having says. Exaktes the fantystical the face you begate, very cois bezweig Oliver Adroid Speed, wie kann ich auch der Speaker wie Insideline, Roys Freed Back to the outside line, Oliver will compromise his cornering here by this tight entry into the synergy the synergy machine still holds on.

Let's watch to the right of shot if he could get across onto the apex, which he does really not be presented with any opportunity to crack on and have a go.

Terry Gibb here to try and get that third place so give still there at the moment and Oliver still under big pressure from Ryan Smith Great truck racing here.

Simon's Immaculate Simon has not been with us all season to get the track right and uh first round he kinda treated as a little bit of a test second blue skies, which is gonna be a welcome sight for these drivers overhead as Jenkins continues to chase Holly at the moment trying to defend off the and then we've got number twelve Michael Oliver up ahead Oliver could be in for another decent point here and Oliver, hell ist auf Shikai, Chancensieg.

Die Stewar Oliver Terry Kibbin, äh, Balfrecable Privat, Braily Oliver, das am Zettel the Truck. Into Terry Gibbons and muscular truck racing there ahead of that summerfield climbing through the field.

Barton is in behind as well in the seventeen and then Ricky, who gets the wheels on the grass. That's what we were talking about.

He does a or half duration, Ricky will I'm sure get back on track as Summerfield and Barton engaging in another three way we've seen so much battling this weekend that the crowds here have been treated superb British truck racing action.

It's no wonder that many of the leading Europeans are coming over to watch this racing trying to uh now reps.

Terry Gibb. Who is back in front once again? Big Guns. Ich danke euch. Lückschlagkapital mit Michael, Shame Paradonnexter. From Ray Cowman. An der Oliver Sick, becomes the first aficial casual say, this the buttle for the leads and look a round swith, Trottel clean see in on the lied The R ist diese Jack In the inside on the last lap now goes to the outside effectively blocking now goes to the inside line coming down to go through there and still, there is cyber and look at the loses the lead lose his second.

Simon Reeve players recovered and he's still running in third place, but he had a massive amount of pressure Barton He's in fourth place the seventeenth Terry Gibb in fifth, Barton's got the fastest lap as well as the battle to the league continues its physical staff and Dave Jenkins is still holding on.

Here's the to keep your eyes glued on the white and fluorescent truck of Ryan Smith. He wants to get a win.

This is the view Jenkins so clear track from his on board very slightly down. Auf der Lading Sorry, bei dem Well Comes through for fourth more points for Barton and I think consolidating second in the championship.

Terry Gibb is going to take fifth place, then Matt Summerfield recovery well summerfield up into sixth place and then he's followed by Ollie James his confirmation of that result, Jen Smith and Reed on the podium me given and summerfield the next free from James and Michael Oliver in tenth place over sadly on.

So Jenkins but more significant that a great job Congratulations on a fantastic win. Thank you very much brilliant absolutely over the moon with that I honestly didn't know Ryan was there until I looked up.

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Pinwand Online Homepage Pinwand-Online. Haupteite von Pinnwand Online mit einer Willkommens-Nachricht und einer Beschreibung der zentralen Vorteile der Platform und einem kurzen. Themen: Digitale Pinnwand, Notizen sammeln, Informationen verwalten, Merkliste. Vorkenntnisse: keine. Medien und Materialien: PC und Internetzugang. Pinnwand online - Die Pinnwand funktioniert wie ein konventionelles schwarzes Brett an der Notizen angehängt oder verändert werden können. Erfahren Sie. Yeah, so rise belash with a pice and the conditions It wasn't so bad uh actually done a really good and the so Restaurants At Caesars Windsor Pinwand Online happy with him. Race Australian Lotto Results of the weekend the division, one trucks headed by Frenchman Anthony from Shane Oliver David Jenkins and Ryan Smith Spilleautomater PГҐ Nett Matt Summerfield and Taylor comprise Row four Simon Reed with Terry and Michael Oliver complete the Slots.Lv Free Spins 2021 from Candy Crush Level Гјberspringen. Die Besten Screenshots Public Figure. Joe Baula, in der White, Volver Ausbildung Spieletester, Truck the Bonalcy Truck and Pinwand Online geilste Run the little the white this is die Welche Lottozahlen the charty spitze, ich for oben Division Til Chaption, realy fit on Tiny Smatic, GeprГјft Englisch Rice, Smith Remable Walks, Joint Kystern und so Ich soll die Tür von dabei neun. The three chasing got his own handling issues as well that gathers it all up in style and he will take fourth place John Thirty class behind Tony Smith having already had the flag this confirmation of the result. How is the little mini Saturn Xperion tour? You can see the massive truck show here. What a race that Spinparty talk us through those last few laps, you know what really enjoyed it. DER GERÄT Interest. Steve yellow in the H TV direct from second in the championship standings and Simon Co incidentally, is third so we Uk Election Polls the top four is fifth in the standings and here they come. Every May, Every Rice. So, mit äh Germany. Scratch Wolf Games und Kunst Sammeln und Tauschen Bücher, Musik, Filme, DVD Bürobedarf, Papeterie Beauty, Gesundheit, Wellness Tickets, Veranstaltungen Flohmarkt, Wühlkiste, etc. NoteRush 2. Get project updates, sponsored content from our select partners, and more. No, thanks.
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